LOG ENTRY #32 – What a wonderful sound!

Light travels faster than sound. Therefore, we see before we hear. But what we hear breathes life into everything we see and this leaves the final impression; sound becomes the deciding factor of whether we love or hate something. One sees and hears so much everyday that it’s hard to keep track of everything. And yet some sights, some sounds stick in our mind, weaving themselves into our memory and affecting our perceptions.

Certain sounds mean a lot to me because of the images they conjure up in my mind and what they remind me of. I really like the sound of sizzling samosas and kebabs in the kitchen in Ramadan Continue reading “LOG ENTRY #32 – What a wonderful sound!”


LOG ENTRY #30 – How I go through Freshly Pressed

So. Many. Tabs. *READING*

There is no method.

I love looking through the Freshly Pressed page. It is wrong for me to say that it is only occasionally that I come across good writers, because I know the only reason they are featured on that page is because, well – duh!

But I do feel there is a slight difference between a good blogger and a good writer, at least for me. A good blogger is one who manages to discuss his/her point in a brief, concise, understandable manner. For me, there are very, very few blogs which I actually make the effort to read till the end, because they either go on about something I have absolutely no clue about, or no interest in.

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