Log entry #39 Cold. Raining. Wrapped up in a shawl. (Y)

Rain makes everything better. 🙂
Is it just me, or does the green really stand out after the rain?


Every day deserves a soundtrack

LOG ENTRY #6 – I Think I Made This Up [Part 2]

It was another beautiful morning. The forecasts said the showers would continue for two more days. How could it have gotten any better?

Darcy looked out of the window, deep in thought. She was sitting on her bedroom’s whitewashed window seat, admiring the wet outdoors and recuperating from her recent fever.

Contemporary piano music poured out of her sub-woofer and a pair of doves whooshed past the window. All that was missing was a mystical landscape. Instead, the view offered to her was of a sprawling cityscape and a close-up of  a partially constructed building. Not so hot. At least it was raining.

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