What do you see?

Imagine a beach.

Or any stretch of land, really. Anything that speaks of serenity and appears fixed, but feels transient.

Hold onto that restlessness, that undercurrent of “This isn’t final.”

This is key. This is the thought you try to suppress every single day, and that which your human mind goes to ridiculous lengths to disprove by organizing, planning, checking off all those lists they publish every year to make you feel more in control. And to make you feel like we all know what we are doing.

To let you think, we walk on the beach.

Now imagine millions of identical, minuscule grains of sand. They make up the beach.

But they never see the beach.

They see themselves, everywhere they look. They see grains all around them, some being lifted up and tossed around, some sitting still for years and some constantly crashing around, struggling to find a more comfortable vantage point. Their perception of their existence is limited, entirely because their vision is limited. They do not know of any context other than that of all grains of sand seeming to congregate and shuffle around here. They resent the wind on some days, and welcome it on others. They are content in their ignorance of the source of this wind, but hate that they must admit their ignorance in the first place. And then it’s a new day and they do not have time to mull over the wind, because maybe today it does not matter and they get to decide everything for themselves.

All this while, the beach is calm. There is no chaos. The breeze is light and playful.

In one image, there is great disparity between perceptions and no real understanding of who or what is really in control. And this is the crux of it.

We hold onto this illusion of control, fooling ourselves so we won’t break down, helpless. We take a step back every time it all gets overwhelming and try to walk on the beach and take charge and assume a holistic position. But it gets us nowhere, because we are in too deep to rise above the mush of life. We cannot possibly rise above, because the reality of it is that we are minuscule.

How can grains ever know that there are two never-ending blues – the sea and the sky – instead of just the one they see above them.

It is when you let go of this illusion, of being in control and of knowing the greater context in which you exist – that you are truly free.


LOG ENTRY #33 – A Life Well Lived…

In response to the Daily Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/daily-prompt-success/

 ~ ~ ~ ~

What would a life well lived mean to someone? I believe that’s a really important question, because through this simple question, one is actually asking the other to summarize what to them is their idea of a good life. The hardest part, for me, is the summarization, since I think a life can be defined as having been well lived judging by what has been done and accomplished in that lifetime. Of course, to others it might just mean following a motto, a guideline through to the end.

What would a life well lived mean to me:

  • Understood myself.
  • Achieved ‘self-actualization’ (whatever that is! Mia keeps talking about it in the Princess Diaries) (Or maybe it’s the same as my first point! :p)
  • Written at least one best-selling book.
  • Sang and recorded at least one song.
  • Learnt to play at least two instruments.
  • Managed not to hurt anyone too badly and if I did, then I should have said sorry the first chance I got.
  • Done something good and great; something that affected the world.
  • Inspired at least one person to do something that changed their life for the better.
  • Learnt to love myself as I am.
  • Learnt to accept negative criticism and use it to better myself.
  • Broken the habit of chewing on my fingernails (I know, I know! Ew. -_- )
  • Overcome my fears. Especially my fear of math.
  • Realised what really matters the most.
  • Hosted one radio show!
  • Don’t really ‘regret regret’ something, if you know what I mean..

I asked people around me.. and they had this to say:-

My Mother:

  • A life well lived, to me, would mean a life that lives on after me.

My 12 year old brother:

  • A nice house, full of stuff that you love. It should be creative.
  • Read enough books
  • Had a lot of coffee
  • Died while reading.
  • Made good friends.
  • Attended decent amount of family gatherings

Yeah – we don’t really think along the same lines.. 😛

LOG ENTRY #7 – I Think I Made This Up [Part 3]

Darcy didn’t have much planned for the day. She could just buy herself some spicy snacks and laze around in front of the TV.  But it was such a beautiful day, and it seemed like a shame to waste it.

After finishing her breakfast and chatting to Mabel, she decided to swing by the art supplies shop a few doors down. She was running low on olive green, and since she had been wanting to finish a painting she had been working on for a month now, she needed it.

The pavement was still wet from the rain, and the green belt running along the road looked bright and fresh. There were bunches of orange, yellow and white Irises peeping out from between the leaves, offering a stunning display.

Darcy paused and pulled out her phone. She snapped a picture of the flowers, captioned it and updated it on her Facebook account.

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