LOG ENTRY #32 – What a wonderful sound!

Light travels faster than sound. Therefore, we see before we hear. But what we hear breathes life into everything we see and this leaves the final impression; sound becomes the deciding factor of whether we love or hate something. One sees and hears so much everyday that it’s hard to keep track of everything. And yet some sights, some sounds stick in our mind, weaving themselves into our memory and affecting our perceptions.

Certain sounds mean a lot to me because of the images they conjure up in my mind and what they remind me of. I really like the sound of sizzling samosas and kebabs in the kitchen in Ramadan Continue reading “LOG ENTRY #32 – What a wonderful sound!”


LOG ENTRY #22 – Love At First Chord [Part 1]

I don’t even know whether my title was grammatically correct, but oh well…

So, I was thinking yesterday, while reading some of the music blogs at Yahoo! Music, about how many songs I’ve fallen in love with after just one listen. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know that there are those few, special tunes out there that you just do like, the ones whose lyrics just feel right or the ones whose melody and chords feel perfect. Some songs you listen to twice or thrice before you start liking them. Some songs you may even be forced to like just because others are constantly prodding you to give them a listen. And then of course they expect you to love them.

But some you just recognize immediately as favorites and I decided to share some of them…

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