Log entry #39 Cold. Raining. Wrapped up in a shawl. (Y)

Rain makes everything better. 🙂
Is it just me, or does the green really stand out after the rain?


Every day deserves a soundtrack

LOG ENTRY #20 – Chand Raat

It was getting late and I was still far from done with whatever it was I had originally set out to do. It was that time of year again, and I found myself in the midst of happy people, laughing, talking, getting excited. The silvery moon peeped through a chink in a cloud and a few people looked up smiling.

The market square had been cordoned off, and everyone had had to park their cars a little way off and walk the rest of the way in. Continue reading “LOG ENTRY #20 – Chand Raat”

LOG ENTRY #11 – You live alone?

^I think this person knows me. Oh and this is :



Live. Explore. Learn. Remember.


One of the main questions I seem to be asked by people in South Africa when they hear where I work and what I do is: “But how do you live alone?” (That and: “What do you eat?” But I will address that in another post). I am always baffled by this question- there is no how in living alone. It’s just something that happens and occurs. To me, living alone should be inevitable at some point in a person’s life. There is honestly so much you miss out on if you never do. I don’t blame people for asking me this question after all, the community in which I grew up pressed upon us, from very young ages, that the only time you move away from your parents is when you get married. So when I announced (yes I announced) that I was moving out, no wait- leaving…

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