LOG ENTRY #25 – Forever Attracted

Store in question today: Forever 21


Patent Toe Ballet Flats

I want this because… they remind me of my childhood. I used to have a pair of the same shape and color and it was my first ever ballet flat.


Bold Notched Lapel Blazer

I want this because… I’ve always loved the look of blazers. Office chic. The rolled up sleeves are sexy. Although I would pair it up differently. Denim shorts for a preppy look, or maybe dark skinny jeans. A T-shirt underneath.


Essential Double Breasted Blazer

I want this because… of the color and the look. Would wear this in winter with a pop of color somewhere around.


Essential Longline Cardigan

I want this because… it would be a great addition to a casual outfit.

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LOG ENTRY #21 – Wishful Thinking at Claire’s.

So – this time I decided to make googly eyes at Claire’s products.

Store in question today: Claire’s

Blare Bling Headphones

Blare Bling Headphones

I want this because… I’ve always wanted sparkly headphones. I love music.. so why not listen to it in style?

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LOG ENTRY #19 – OMG I have to have that! Accessorize OMG’s

This is my idea of an imaginary shopping spree. I’m going to post pictures of *insert a unique adjective here* stuff I love and want in posts titled “OMG I have to have that”. The reason I’m doing this, is because I love looking through online catalogues and dreaming of myself wearing things that are too expensive or in stores abroad. I’m not one to splurge, because I consider myself to be a bargain hunter, and when I start converting currencies and see what buying a simple necklace from an international store can amount to – I just don’t see the point. Even the simplest of things can have the most ridiculous of prices.

But I love admiring shiny things. *.*

And now I shall start posting my thoughts on them.. 😉

Store in question today: Accessorize.

Mixed Indie Bangle Pack

I want this because… it’s delicate and pretty. The colors would look so charming with a simple dress or flow-y, white shirt will bell sleeves and simple denims.

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LOG ENTRY #3 – I Think I Made This Up

She didn’t know why she felt so ill. Turning around, she reached up to lock the door and the silver charm bracelet on her hand tinkled.  She was dressed in a neat black pencil skirt and black tights. An olive green blazer – custom made –  completed her look.

Brushing back her auburn curls, she made her way to the kitchen and rummaged through one of the drawers. Pulling out a thermometer, she went to her bedroom, pulled off her ballet flats and sank down on the bed. Sticking the device under her tongue, she prayed she wasn’t going to be stuck indoors for the weekend.

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