Feeling Lost

As I’ve grown up, I’ve got more and more ashamed of any writing that is more than a month old. I didn’t realise how serious it was until I started this blog, and used to read back on my posts after every few months.

I genuinely feel like my writing improves after every few months, but it’s not because I keep writing and testing new limits. It’s because I come back with a slightly better understanding of myself every time and a clearer view what I want on paper. So it’s realisations that spur my writing on, as opposed to polishing up and improvements.

But something very interesting just happened.

Before I started this blog, I used to write a blog on Blogger. What I remembered of this blog was mostly tainted by generalisations; I was pretty sure the writing on it was immature and unreadable, which was why I had switched over to a new blog.

But I just opened it up after years, and I am left feeling so lost.

Amused and pleasantly surprised, but lost.

The writing is undoubtedly from an era long gone, and yet I connected with it so much. Because she.. me, is talking about things that she loves. And she is so unashamed about them. She continues to write, post after post, not discouraged by the lack of hits on her blog.  Most of all, what touched me, was that I was not cringing when I read it.

I just felt a sense of loss, a bittersweet string difficult to focus on because it vibrates so ferociously.

There is so much heart in that writing, and I felt upset because my attitude and my circumstances in life cut that passion off at the bud, before it could even grow into maturity. The tone of all my work now is so different, and although I love the ease with which I can fall into this tone, I do feel betrayed that it is not as easy to shift gears as it once was/

Give it a once-over, if you please.



LOG ENTRY #42 – Baskin’ In The Weirdness

Nevillegirl tagged me with this blog meme today. I have to say this sort of tagging is a welcome break from the ‘TAG 15 BLOGS AND TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM’ sort of thing. Not that I don’t like doing that. Its just that I’m a loser when it comes to official-sounding stuff. And I tend to disappoint deadlines.*sheepish look*

Le Rules

1. If you are tagged, answer the questions in the meme in a blog post on your blog.
2. Make sure at the beginning of your post you put a link to the blog of the person who tagged you.
3. Tag at least three people to do the same thing (you can tag more than three people if you would like).
4. Have fun!

Le Questions

What do you think the weirdest color is? 

Umm.. Orange. Definitely orange. Its just so.. out there. The only color it looks good with is purple. And that too only in polka-dotted designs, for me at least. Just imagine – one looks like a clown!

What is the weirdest TV show/movie you have ever seen?

Honestly speaking – where do I start?! There is so much that I’ve seen that makes me twitch. Green Hornet was one of the weirdest movies ever. I remember just staring at the screen, with my face like:  O.oIt has to be the only movie I ever walked out on. I’m a very forgiving person when it comes to movies, and always do watch them till the credits start rolling. But this movie was just so stupid.

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?

The only thing I can think of right now is crab meat omelette. It was surprisingly good! Almost like chicken. My Dad made me try it. -_-

What is the weirdest drink you have ever tried?

I don’t remember exactly what it was. I was interrogating my Dad about it and he was looking at me like, ‘Where did that come from after so many years?’I think it was some sort of a ginger-y disgusting drink. My Dad used to get one bottle and then dare me and my brother to take sips. Needless to say, we always took on the dares and used to gag so badly every time.

Who is your weirdest friend?

Oh dear Lord, I don’t know if I should say ‘friend’ exactly. But I knew this person quite well. Sort of. And I don’t want to name names. ._. She. has. issues.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen on the internet?

The weirdest thing I’ve seen is what Facebook does to humans. Hands down.I’m talking duck-faces, pouting, showing too much skin, retarded text-speak and 1000 pictures (and those are just the pictures they’re tagged in; not the ones they upload)

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever done?

I don’t have a pet. 😥

What is the weirdest book you have ever read?

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 This book was a disaster for me. Never finished it. Never fell in love with anything or anyone in this book. It was twitch after twitch. A major face-palm moment.

What is the weirdest blog you follow?

The Cheeky Diva is definitely one of the weird ones. I love this one so much! Always makes me laugh for all the weirdest reasons.

I shall bestow this wonderful, revealing opportunity upon..

The Cheeky Diva

Rambles, Rants and Raves

Impybat’s Emporium

LOG ENTRY #30 – How I go through Freshly Pressed

So. Many. Tabs. *READING*

There is no method.

I love looking through the Freshly Pressed page. It is wrong for me to say that it is only occasionally that I come across good writers, because I know the only reason they are featured on that page is because, well – duh!

But I do feel there is a slight difference between a good blogger and a good writer, at least for me. A good blogger is one who manages to discuss his/her point in a brief, concise, understandable manner. For me, there are very, very few blogs which I actually make the effort to read till the end, because they either go on about something I have absolutely no clue about, or no interest in.

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