The Minor Details

December 20, 2020

I live in Arlington, VA now. I’m going to let this page live so I stay humble.



 – – – – – – – – –

June 4, 2018.

As a rising junior at Smith College, my life has changed drastically since I first started compiling this list. Quite a few items are bordering on embarrassing, but it’s some kind of wonderful to see what was important to me back in 2013 and 2014 and all the following years. I think I’ll leave this up here, just as a reminder to myself not to forget where I come from.


 – – – – – – – – –

I love making lists. A year or two ago, I made around 22 or 25 to-do formal lists. And no one could begin to imagine some of the most random things on there. There’s just something so exciting about crossing it all out once you’re done. Maybe I’ll even write a post someday about all the different lists I make whenever my brain starts overheating and/or getting cluttered.

I got really inspired after going through this: by Liza.

And now I’ve decided to write my own ‘little’ (read: ever-increasing) list 🙂

June 4, 2018 (updates recorded on this date are color-coded uptil 

  • Latin Honors at College. Please?
  • Declare a major by first semester of my sophomore year?? Done! 
  • Visit New York City
  • One Broadway musical or show or whatever. JUST SOME BROADWAY.
  • Learn to swim
  • Visit Boston
  • Try for an internship at SNL
  • Give my final A Level exams. HALLELUJAH.  A*AAAB
  • Re-vamp my blog template. I don’t care for this anymore
  • Read up on negative capability. (Keats, my love!) Ended up doing this as prep for my A Level.
  • Be done with college apps with a reasonable margin for time. Idk about margins but I got into college under an Early Decision plan with the amount of scholarship I needed so, I guess I won.
  • Work on my new wall. Frames and shelves and all. Okay so this never worked out.

– – – –  – – –  color-coded  up till here, below this the updates are not recorded according to dates – – – – –  –

  • Move out of my room and set up shop in the new room Done.
  • Give my AS exams. Yes.
  • Study Economics. NEARLY A YEAR AND A HALF AFTER I MADE THIS LIST… I AM NOW 5 MONTHS AWAY FROM STUDYING THIS SUBJECT! I HAD FORGOTTEN IT WAS EVEN ON THIS LIST I FEEL SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW((oh god wow.. i am now weeks away from studying this)) ((Couple of weeks away from my AS exam. Time flies bruh)) (((October 20, 2015: Got an A! Doing college apps now, fingers crossed!))) ((((Finished my second year, managed an A*, got into college with a hefty scholarship and I’m now two days away from move-in day at Smith College. Amen.)))) (((((Wrapped up sophomore year at Smith. I’m an Econ and English double-major.)))))
  • Get an A+ in my Additional Mathematics exam     I FAILED. Okay I need to calm down more.. It was a B, which is still a pretty big accomplishment.
  • Give my final 8 O’Levels
  • Give my O’Levels again because of the CIE Board’s ‘security compromises’ (FML) Done that. Freedom on 14th June, 2013.
  • Give my O’Levels May 7th, 9th, 14th, 15th
  • Explain the concept of ‘fandoms’ and ‘fangirling’ to my parents. At least I TRIED.
  • Start writing more frequently in journal.  I have succeeded in keeping a most-of-summer journal!
  • Watch 2 movies at the cinema in one day.   I watched Brave and The Amazing Spider Man during the summer!
  • Buy (and finish) the entire Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz at bargain prices Done! I only bought two at high prices. Rest I got at bargain prices, at the old book shop! 😀 Old Books FTW!
  • Overcome fear of Math. I DID IT!
  • Decide whether to opt for Sociology or Additional Mathematics as optional O level subject.  Additional Mathematics. Unless I die mid-year and switch.
  • Make ‘friends-for-keeps’ at new school. Maybe. 
  • Collect all The Princess Diaries books. Just not a priority anymore. What the hell was I thinking …
  • Find Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz at bargain price   Finally got it! At Rs. 150 only! HAH.
  •  Get 30 followers on blog.  1st December, 2012. Saturday. 31 followers. ^.^
  • Get better at creating (and executing) plots. I’m working on it… I scored a pretty high grade on a recent story thing in class. ((Took my first fiction writing class Sophomore spring at Smith! Onwards and upwards!))
  • Watch The Hunger Games! Watched it on Saturday afternoon, 25th of August, 2012.
  • Watch The Lorax  Did so on the night of 15th of August, 2012. 🙂
  • Visit Snog and try frozen yoghurt!  NOT EVEN IMPORTANT ANYMORE. Never had it, though
  • Make Butterscotch Brownies (   They were YUM.
  • Visit Paris
  • Travel first-class
  • Visit Maldives   Done, 2007. 🙂
  • Visit Maldives, alone.
  • Learn swimming.
  • Make (and eat) Chicken Enchiladas. 17th August, 2012 – Made Enchiladas for the first time.
  • Finish my four Oxford Mathematics textbooks. What began in 6th grade… has finally come to an end. *cue nostalgia*
  • Make Chocolate Pudding (Yes, believe it or not, I’ve never made one.)
  • Try Sushi YES I DID THIS. In late October 2014, i think.
  • Watch Doctor Who from Season 1 (1969?) till Season 7 (2012)!
  • Appear on live TV Pakistan-India Semi-Final Day – I was invited on air with a couple of friends to sing national songs. It was embarassing but it was something. 😉
  • Perform a gig 14th January, 2012 at the Base Rock Cafe. My first ever gig! 🙂
  • Become a professional guitarist.
  • Master singing the high notes in ‘Skyscraper’ by Demi Lovato.   Oh my god frik this. NO. 
  • Attend the Country Music Awards.
  • Attend the Grammy’s!
  • Write in a magazine Did so for nearly 6 months, about 2 years ago.
  • Learn Spanish. (tried this summer! Will continue soon.)
  • Get driven around on the Nurburgring in a McClaren F1.
  • Sing (well)  infront of my school (audience) I don’t know about the ‘well’ part. All I know is that it happened twice this year. I only remember the second time’s date though – 20th April, 2013.
  • Try the Oreo Chocolatto at Cinnabon. So much ice, halfway through I was drinking chocolate water. -.-
  • Visit London.
  • Get a picture taken with the Eiffel Tower.
  • Go on a roller-coaster.
  • Write and publish a book.
  • Buy a shirt with a rickshaw embroidered on the back. Screw them. I think they went out of sale.
  • Go on an online shopping spree! 😀 About time to cross this off I think, I’ve bought plenty of books online and I’m now at the stage where that is worth more than a ‘clothes’-spree. Sort of.
  • Get a Doctor Who themed tee.
  • Get a statuette of a Weeping Angel (from Doctor Who episode Blink)
  • Get a TARDIS figurine or collectible or something.. Actually have so many now, omg!
  • Get a Patrick Star stuffed toy!
  • Get a figurine of one of those small, yellow minions from Despicable Me. Ew. Why was I ever this way.
  • Get bedroom door replaced by a wooden, blue, TARDIS door. Close enough! My brother made a life-size TARDIS door out of cardboard! It is now leaning against my bedroom wall. 😀
  • Get a picture taken with The Stig
  • Meet the UK presenters of Top Gear (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May! 😀 )
  • Have The Stig drive me around in a Rolls Royce Phantom, on the Nurburgring. (Yes, I know. It’s extremely far-fetched.)
  • Meet David Tennant.
  • Go to a Comic Con.
  • Go to a Doctor Who convention.
  • Perform on American Idol, or at least be a part of the audience.  American Idol sucked every season after season 8. Don’t want this.
  • Start making better use of time i.e. start exercising better time-management skills.  Much much better at this now, still working on it though.
  • Change blog theme. Finally done so!
  • Get Freshly Pressed. 
  • Plan my life. *le sigh* This is too far-fetched. I’ve scratched it off.

24 thoughts on “The Minor Details

  1. Wow… I feel so honored! I have lists for just about everything 🙂 Oh I’ll be coming by regularly to see what you’re checking off 🙂 Let’s see what items we have in common!

    1. I have one list that I carry around for a couple of days until I cross off most of the stuff off of it. And that one list has EVERYTHING on it.
      I feel honored because you’re the second official person commenting on my blog! 😀

    1. Yup. It’s my “Big Leagues” list, and I fully intend to tick off each one provided I get the opportunities.
      Even if I don’t – I will search for opportunities.
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. YES! I hate it when people space out whenever I talk about Top Gear. I don’t necessarily keep track of the cars too often ( 😛 ) but I do love watching it. Richard Hammond! 😀
      Yay. You think I’m awesome! ^_^

    2. Cars? What car? Why on earth would someone watch Top Gear because they like cars? Clearly, Top Gear is watched because James May is so adorably dorky when he gets lost or tries to do anything really funny.

      1. xD Okay – you just made me LOL so bad.
        I am SO glad I am not the only one who watches it because of these old british dudes and their to-die-for accents and of course.. Richard Hammond. 😀

    3. My dad and I tried to watch some of TG’s early seasons, back when they actually talked about cars and didn’t do so many challenges. Oh man, were they BORING! 😛

      I can usually understand what they’re saying (I guess I’ve gotten used to their accents), but sometimes I have no idea what a Star In a Reasonably Priced Car is talking about.

      Jeremy gets kind of irritating after a while, but the Hamster is cool too. 😀

      My brother said that TG should have been at the Olympics Opening/Closing Ceremonies. I pointed out that it wouldn’t work because James wouldn’t be able to find his way there even though it’s a huge, brightly-lit stadium.

      Wait, are you British? I guess not if you wrote about their accents…

      1. I haven’t seen old episodes. At least I don’t think so. But I can understand the stars easily. British accents don’t even need to be deciphered. :p
        James is narcissitic. That is the only downside. Otherwise I love the way he talks. And his laugh is funny!
        And OMG yes! Olympics would have been cooler if they had been there!!!
        And no.. I’m not British. 🙂 but I love mimicking (or at least trying to) the accents!

  2. “•Get driven around on the Nurburgring in a McClaren F1.”

    I just saw this! Cool! 😀 *coughs* I would change it to “Get driven around in the world’s fastest car – the Bugatti Vayron (sp.?) – by the world’s slowest man. James May.” *stops coughing*

    Are you from… India or Australia? *guesses wildly*

    1. Nahh. :p Hahahahaha, I’m good with that. And the next one reads being driven around by The Sting. THAT is who I’d like to drive me around. 😀
      oh and I think it’s spelled Bugatti ‘Veyron’.. I think.
      Actually, I’m from Pakistan.

    1. Oh my, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^.^
      Its my pleasure visiting your blog; really, really enjoy what you write about and how you write it.
      I know! Reading blogs is my form of distraction from revision too, and so I find myself here right now instead of learning up!
      Thank you so, so much! And I’m really glad you like my posts. 🙂

  3. What fun that you popped over to my space and want to follow along! And what fun to trace you back here. A big AMEN to blogging as a form of blissful distraction from revision (I started my blog during exams week last spring!). (:

    1. Haahahahah, your blog looks really interesting – I was compelled to follow. ^.^
      I started my blog at the start of August of this year, and well – I’m loving it!
      It’s extremely distracting – can’t say if that’s good or bad. 😉

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