LOG ENTRY #48 – RL Quotes and Summer Projects

Recently, I’ve got very obsessed with real-life quotes. Things that people around me say, that affect me, move me. Maybe even just make me smile. It could be just a simple word like ‘OK’ or ‘Yes’. Or it might be a whole paragraph someone texted me. They could be lyrics, or poetry. They could very well be lines from a book I’m reading, or something I heard the weather man say. They could be dialogues from a movie. They could even be words, marking an event in my life, that had mattered a lot to me.

Most of the time they are absolute nonsense that I convince myself is awesome and stuff, and makes me seem, and feel deep.

Doesn’t change the fact that they are awesome! 😀

A lot of my posts on my cupboard are complete with time, date and day noted.

I like making memories.

And I’ve started to collect all of them, and write them down.

One of my many summer project was redecorating my room. And I decided to make a collage on my cupboards. Its a work in progress, but the number of note-book paper and Post-Its that are up on them, with words and sentences neatly penned on them in my favorite sort of felt-tip pen, is increasing every day. The fun part for me, is when sometimes, these words are so vague to everyone but me. People who aren’t familiar with the situation I was in, or the person I was talking to, or what we were talking about – they tend to look at my cupboard, and then look at me funny.

Or at least I think they definitely would. If they had the curiosity to spare my cupboard a glance. That is the other fun bit.

Initially I was a little scared about putting up so many things that mean so much to me (and also because I was a tad nervous about what would happen if my mother saw the time and date on some of those posts, and what they were saying) in plain sight. Right up front, on my cupboard doors. Because if it means enough to me, for me to remember it and put it up, it definitely defines my thought processes.

Double bluff.

No one looks in the most obvious places; people who don’t read the books I do, watch the movies and shows I do, don’t think like I do.

That list includes my family, so yeah, I’m good.

Anyhoo – I decided to start doing the same on my blog.

There are so many things that people on this website write, that make me smile or tug on my heart-strings. Or simply make me wonder.

And I wanted to share these words with you all. Maybe, if I am not attacked but a Bout Of Laziness, I’ll continue with posts of this sort, reading up blogs and quoting you guys! 🙂

Not particularly extraordinary kids in a not particularly extraordinary school but in an extraordinarily cherished phase of life.

The Phone Call; bottledworder

Letting one side of you flourish while repressing the other works out ok to begin with, but after a while you begin to feel it through your own writing, and for me, this has come in the form of I want to talk about something serious, feel as if I can’t, try and force myself to be entertaining even when I’m not feeling it, which then just ends with a temper tantrum

Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Batman!

– Mid-year resolutions….; Remain Insane

It should be fairly obvious by now what must be done.  Instead of filling that space with irrelevant content, fill it with (gasp!) relevant content!

– If Time Must Be Taken, Take Time; This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Like, you’re really awesome and I love you but you don’t love me, so I’ll settle for someone like you, but they won’t be as good as you.

(^This one is going on my cupboard.)

Granted, its cold outside and the water is freezing, but its kind of a great luxury to live by the ocean and stare out into it’s vastness. Yes, I’m gay.

On Tumblr; …like a virtual scrapbook of dreams.

Yes, I know. This person affected got three quotes from the SAME POST. o.O

– Fall Favo(u)rites; Lily In Canada

Cats are the world’s best secret-keepers.

– 5 Purrfectly Reasonable Habits; rarasaur

More to come soon! Slather the comments with a bunch of your favorite comments, maybe? 😀








20 thoughts on “LOG ENTRY #48 – RL Quotes and Summer Projects

  1. This is a great idea! 🙂 I heart Lily, she’s more than definitely worthy of cupboard-quoting. I’m off to check out the others now. Thanks for including me! 😀

    1. Haha, thank you for appreciating the idea. It was more like a restless urge to make my cupboard look colorful and wordsy, but heck! :p
      And agreed; I’ve been following her blog for a while, but her posts get lost in my Reader sometimes. Making an effort to read her up now! 😀
      And you are most welcome! Loved your post!

  2. Thankyou so much for including me in this list lovely and stopping by my post, I feel honoured! ^_^ Chemistry jokes are the best 😉 That is a really neat idea of quotes and dating them, it ends up leaving you with a collage of pictures and quotes that you can look back on and remember exactly what meant the most to you at what time 🙂 I think I shall do that when I buy my own house and I can go crazy with personal décor 😀

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, definitely! I love making memories, and I am obsessed with nostalgia. It makes one tear up at times, and I like to cry about things that are worth it.
      That sounded weird.
      Never mind.
      Haha, be my guest! Take up the idea, put your own spin on it.. Its a lot of fun seeing colored paper sticking to my cupboard. :p

      1. Oh haha, I’ve finished New Who now. My favorite Doctor is Nine, but favorite series is four. 😀
        And I’ve started watching Classic Who (Three!) and Torchwood.
        *ships Vastra/Jenny and Eleven/Idris to eternity*

    1. I’m not sure who said it either, but yes I like that.
      … i forgot what was in this post so idk what you liked or what reminded you of problem-magnification. .____.

      1. … I’m not that full of myself xD I don’t remember the kind of wisdom I throw around.

        But btw – I’m SO glad I was online on my email account and noticed email alerts telling me you were online here because I visited my blog SOSOSO long ago and now I feel all pumped and wantingtowrite again. Thank you.

      2. I stopped because WordPress intimidated me and because SO many people are on here and HAVE YOU SEEN THE FRESHLY PRESSED PAGE. These people can.. they PLAY with words okay.How good they are is a joke to them. I felt really exhausted trying to make everything I wrote amazing.
        But I will try again.I want to

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