LOG ENTRY #47 – Making History.

I have never, ever, never felt more relieved in my life. 

I was due to sit for my Pakistan Studies and Islamiat O’Levels in May, and yes, I worked hard for my mocks in March, got m grades, was off from school all April for studying, sat for exams in May. And was off by May 15th.

And then.. three weeks of summery bliss and two (finally!) blog posts later, on the 4th of June, I wake up. I watch Perks of Being a Wallflower in my PJs, and then I get a phone-call from my mother at 1 a.m. telling me our exams got ‘leaked’. Integrity of the exams has been compromised, hence we’re supposed to give ALL THE EXAMS AGAIN.

In June.

In the scorching heat.

We have to study.

And we have only 10 days to prepare.

That sort of thing breaks you. Especially since you’ve been watching shows and staring at laptops for half a day, every day for three weeks. 

And you’ve also lost a lot of the knowledge you learnt along the way.

Have you ever felt the pain, of having to take out your books all over again, in the middle of summer. 

Craving for summer, in the middle of summer.

And so, we studied. 

Amid bucket-loads of curses and swearing on Facebook, we studied. 

We studied our butts off.


And NOW. Today. This morning (noon, actually) I wake up. 

And it is the day after my CIE re-takes.

And it feels good.

I am the first batch, to ever give an O’Level retake.

Oh yes, made history on the 13th and 14th of June.



2 thoughts on “LOG ENTRY #47 – Making History.

    1. My second round of O’Levels will span over a month too, actually. Just gave my Pakistan Studies and Islamiat this year. Next year, all of them.
      THEN come the A’s.

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