LOG ENTRY #43 – The Summer Checklist. Oh and ‘Hi again!’

Agreeably, I have been AWOL for the longest time. Nearly five months.

In my defense, life got crazy. School went haywire, what with Drama Festivals – I was lucky enough to be a part of the English play our grade put up (The Importance of Being Earnest) – and a Model United Nations and then my mock exams and then my Cambridge O’Levels.

A lot of studying, and a lot of sweat.

But wow – we’re back to square one. I remember starting this blog at the end of last summer. And now I’m standing at the threshold of potentially one of the best summers.

I’ve been off from all school work for a week now, and up till now, all I’m doing is lazing around, hygiene going downhill, watching seasons upon seasons of TV shows, scrounging around for indie-rock and reading. Loads of reading. Oh and hours on the phone. Not that I wasn’t talking on the phone during school, and my O’Levels, but there was always that annoying wall-clock, ticking on and on, reminding me that I ought to be studying. Now – I can babble all I want, guilt-free.

I have to say; feels pretty good.

But I am determined not to let this summer slip out of my hands, wasted. My ‘To-do List’ might be a tad cliched but oh well – we’re all humans and hope to achieve quite a lot of the same things. After all, our ideas have got so mingled and muddled and individuality is dying out. :-/

1. Learn a language. [Or at least embark on this mission. I’m thinking Spanish.. or French. Italian? My parabatai wants to learn Arabic]

2. Volunteer. Do something for a good cause. Get involved. All that good shiz. 🙂

3. Try my hand at a potential job! A family-friend has offered me something of a journalistic job. Let’s see where that goes – (if it goes)

4. Start practicing my guitar again.

5. Some TLC for my blog. :p

6. Finish reading a lot of book series, including Young Bond, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, the Percy Jackson books. Although Mortal Instruments has proved to be a tad bit of a drag. Cassandra shouldn’t have even had a fourth book. Or a fifth. Or a sixth. (Jace becomes a servant of evil? o.O )

7. The ever-present struggle to lose weight. But actually, I want to force myself to go out, breathe some fresh air, get on my bike. Instead of sitting in dark rooms, with my laptop illuminating my face,headphones in my ears. But basically lose weight.

8. Get a hair-cut. But that is more of a very short-term ‘need-to-do’. Although I want to experiment. So, bit of research needed.

9. Work on my Math! I’ll be giving my O’Level next year, right about this time, and so I need to brush up on the subject that has consistently been a Bogeyman to me. (Fun fact: This year, I got the highest grade in my batch in the final Math exam! How awesome is that? :’) )

10. Figure out my life, and my future academic choices. We don’t get time to think about a lot of important things during the working months and this – at my age – I believe is a matter of utmost importance. I have to sort out priorities, figure out what subjects I want to take up in my A’Levels, what I want to pursue in the future. I understand that decisions like this don’t come easy. But you have to start someday, someplace.

11. Give my room a makeover. Yes, I know this a bit of a step-down from the point above. 🙂 But that is just how things come out in my mind. Hence, the need to sort out priorities.

12. Paint. Take out all my old stuff and start painting again. I had never painted seriously ever in my life, until the ninth grade, when Art became a compulsory pain in the butt because it was a mandatory subject to be taken in my new school. And surprisingly, it became a new-found passion. I’m not half-bad at it! Now that yet another school year – without Art, thankfully – is over, I want to paint for fun. It helps me relax.

13. Cook. Cook like mad. Try new recipes.

14. Write. Write anything and everything that comes to my mind. I suddenly feel this urge to have excerpts of my writing-style at every age, to someday better understand the evolution of my writing. It seems like a very far-fetched idea, but strange ideas appeal to me. I love making memories, and for me writing your mind is just another way of doing so.

What do you guys want to accomplish this summer? Do you have a checklist? Or do you want to kick back and just watch others run around while you eat, sleep and watch TV. Because I respect that. I believe summer is like a big slice of  ‘Me-Time’. So make the most of it, and make sure at the end of it – YOU ARE HAPPY.  We all deserve a break.

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