LOG ENTRY #36 – And this is why I always loved this girl..

No jokes – I always really liked Miley Cyrus. Of course there were phases when she went completely bonkers and all teen-angsty on the world but hey –  whatever. It’s not like I have to go live with her or something. The only thing I connect with Miley Cyrus – is a great voice and good music. Sure, there were a whole lot of random, teeny-pop songs in the middle, but there was some good stuff in her voice which made everything bearable, if not worthwhile.

And then there was the recent question of her hair. Can I just say I didn’t hate it at all? In fact – it hardly mattered to me. Sure I was surprised (really surprised) but when I saw the first few pictures online, I was like “She could actually pull this one off..”

She went pretty ‘under-the-radar’ for sometime, and I didn’t listen to any new songs from her. I recently caught an interview of her’s on MBC or some other Arabic channel and she looked really nice in her new hair-do! There was also a small preview of the new song she’s done with Borgore – ‘Decisions’. Firstly – I have absolutely no idea who Borgore is. Secondly – the thing that caught my attention, was the lyrics.

She sings: ‘Decisions, but I want it all so I get it all. I wanna eat the whole cake
I’ m not sharing, I’m not sharing You should have to learn how to bake
Yes I want it all so I get it all I wanna eat the hole cake”

How completely random is that? But I still loved the song for some reason! And really looking forward to her upcoming album. This artist is one whose albums (I think) I’ll always look forward to! Call it a childhood obsession (I grew up with Hannah Montana songs) or call it a genuine inclination for her music.

But the best part about it is – even though she may love doing songs like ‘Decisions’ – we all know, or at least I know, that she is capable of such good vocals and she can sing so many great songs that it doesn’t even matter if she does mainstream music.

Then there was her doing ‘Lilac Wine’ which is an acoustic, Backyard Sessions performance I happened to come across today. I swear I loved this song immediately. Partly because I love anything and everything acoustic and partly because it is really, really good. Also – for some reason (not the name!), this reminded me of ‘Summer Wine ‘. She has such a full and rich voice.

There was another Backyard Session song she did called ‘Look What They’ve Done to My Song’. I can’t access the link right now, because of the whole you-can’t-access-YouTube-thing going on in Pakistan nowadays, in case you aren’t aware. 🙂

Let me know what you think of the ever-controversial Miley Cyrus ..


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