LOG ENTRY #35 – I missed double Literature and I don’t care! Sort of..

Today – I ditched school.

Ditched in the sense that, I didn’t go – when I am usually the last person to ever let that thought cross my mind. And I get scolded for going to school when I have, let’s say, diarrhea or a 102 degree fever or something of the sort..

It’s not that my self-protective instinct is non existent. It’s just that I know that there is absolutely no point in ditching since I’ll just sit around like a bum, doing what I’m doing right now actually. Also, since I go to a missionary school, discipline is of paramount important and ditchers are frowned upon. Especially when it happens to be the crucial day of the year, when our Headmistress is on the look-out for ‘who’s not here?!”

Today was technically the last working day before our mid-term exams start i.e. on Monday. And even though not going today meant potentially degrading yourself in Sister’s (our headmistress) sight (she hates it when people skip school right before the exams as she believes staying at home and studying is irresponsible), missing a double (and very important) English Literature class, and a double Biology class, and a double History class, and P.E. (Yes, I actually enjoy playing throwball).

But today, I put my foot down. I have a super sore throat, which I like to refer to as ‘raw’. I have a horrible cold, which obviously means headaches and coughing bouts and sneezing and burning eyes and lethargy and general crabbiness comes with. So I really wasn’t in the mood for getting up at 6.00. (I live in Karachi, which is a big, traffic-congested city, and to top it all off, I live 40 minutes away from the city center.) It takes me nearly an hour to reach my school, which technically means leaving home at 7.00 so I can reach before 7.50. 7.50, by the way, is the time when Sister steps foot on the stage for morning assembly and her ‘stepping up’ means the school gates are closed.

I live a harsh life.

So anyway, now I shall get off here, and start studying for my Pakistan Studies and Additional Mathematics exam.

p.s. who the hell am I kidding?! Missing double literature is HELL. All those crucial, analysis points she might have discussed that I won’t know when the exam paper is in front of me! And History revision! And oh Lord, Biology and bloody Homeostatis! -___-

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