LOG ENTRY #33 – A Life Well Lived…

In response to the Daily Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/daily-prompt-success/

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What would a life well lived mean to someone? I believe that’s a really important question, because through this simple question, one is actually asking the other to summarize what to them is their idea of a good life. The hardest part, for me, is the summarization, since I think a life can be defined as having been well lived judging by what has been done and accomplished in that lifetime. Of course, to others it might just mean following a motto, a guideline through to the end.

What would a life well lived mean to me:

  • Understood myself.
  • Achieved ‘self-actualization’ (whatever that is! Mia keeps talking about it in the Princess Diaries) (Or maybe it’s the same as my first point! :p)
  • Written at least one best-selling book.
  • Sang and recorded at least one song.
  • Learnt to play at least two instruments.
  • Managed not to hurt anyone too badly and if I did, then I should have said sorry the first chance I got.
  • Done something good and great; something that affected the world.
  • Inspired at least one person to do something that changed their life for the better.
  • Learnt to love myself as I am.
  • Learnt to accept negative criticism and use it to better myself.
  • Broken the habit of chewing on my fingernails (I know, I know! Ew. -_- )
  • Overcome my fears. Especially my fear of math.
  • Realised what really matters the most.
  • Hosted one radio show!
  • Don’t really ‘regret regret’ something, if you know what I mean..

I asked people around me.. and they had this to say:-

My Mother:

  • A life well lived, to me, would mean a life that lives on after me.

My 12 year old brother:

  • A nice house, full of stuff that you love. It should be creative.
  • Read enough books
  • Had a lot of coffee
  • Died while reading.
  • Made good friends.
  • Attended decent amount of family gatherings

Yeah – we don’t really think along the same lines.. 😛


2 thoughts on “LOG ENTRY #33 – A Life Well Lived…

  1. Nice list,have a few of those on my list as well,almost felt as if my clone had written this one…well almost. Your brother sure is a wise little guy… I mean come on ‘died while reading’ brilliant!

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