LOG ENTRY #30 – How I go through Freshly Pressed

So. Many. Tabs. *READING*

There is no method.

I love looking through the Freshly Pressed page. It is wrong for me to say that it is only occasionally that I come across good writers, because I know the only reason they are featured on that page is because, well – duh!

But I do feel there is a slight difference between a good blogger and a good writer, at least for me. A good blogger is one who manages to discuss his/her point in a brief, concise, understandable manner. For me, there are very, very few blogs which I actually make the effort to read till the end, because they either go on about something I have absolutely no clue about, or no interest in.

I guess the ‘absolutely no clue’-bit is not a fair judgement, as my lack of knowledge doesn’t mean that person is not writing something amazing.

But it is a fact that the first thing I look at on the Freshly Pressed page – are the pictures. Most of the time, it is the memes and the crude MS Paint pictures that I love. And I click on them. Then of course, there are the titles and, obviously, the titles that make me do a double-take or are cheeky are the ones I click on.

Titles like these..

There are some posts which have weird titles with a lot of big words and they intimidate and scare me. And others have pictures of scenery and wildlife or something else that I’d rather steer clear off.

Then I click Older Posts at the end of the page if I feel like there were a lot of potentially good-finds that day.  If not, then there is a whole line-up of tabs at the top of my window.

The way I go through them, seems brutal even to me! There are the posts which I only read the first line to, and go: “Okay. Red cross for this tab.” and “What the hell?” and “I don’t know what that means!” and even “Too. Many. Big. Words. No. Humour.”

Then there are those posts which I survive a few paragraphs through. They are mildly interesting, or I’m simply in the mood to be enlightened. There are also posts for which I look at the title and say: “Uhhh. This makes me uneasy but I’ll give it a go..” and then I look at the blog template and the color and the font style (oh my God! Yes! Font can be such a big put-offer at times!) and I look at the size of the scroll bar. If it is average, I bother to read. If it is minuscule, I genuinely get scared and either close the tab (because nowadays I really dont have time to go through posts of that size, especially if I’m not sure they are going to be awesome) or if I think I’m interested in the post, but don’t have time then and there,  I just click Follow or Like. I know that is a serious misuse of those two buttons, but if I really do like the first paragraph or just the general ‘look’ of the post I click Like so it’ll show up in my ‘liked posts’ widget – to which I can refer to later, when I have time – or I click Follow, which is rare and only if I’m sure that this person is  really good blogger. Mark my words, though; they are rare.

And now, I have written an entire post, just about how I go through Freshly Pressed. Do not ask me if this was because I was guilty of liking and following and not properly reading or if it was because your page views went up but there were no likes or comments. I do that a lot. The reading-quietly-and-leaving-without-a-word part.

4 thoughts on “LOG ENTRY #30 – How I go through Freshly Pressed

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  2. I feel exactly the same way about long, lecture-length blog posts. I’m usually ducking into the world of bloggery for a quick escape, not a thorough study session! My favorite blogs tend to post little bites, not heavy 3 course meals.

    1. Exactly! I completely agree! I really enjoy the brief, witty, realistic posts with bouts of madness. Yes, I know that sounds like such a long-drawn criteria, but it really isn’t since a lot of blogs fill the requirements. But there are also those blogs which are very long, but they’re good-long, y’know? I’m following every word till the end and I can relate to it all, or at least understand. There’s all kinds, and I’m ready to enjoy them all, provided they’re bearable and keep me coming back for more.

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