LOG ENTRY #22 – Love At First Chord [Part 1]

I don’t even know whether my title was grammatically correct, but oh well…

So, I was thinking yesterday, while reading some of the music blogs at Yahoo! Music, about how many songs I’ve fallen in love with after just one listen. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know that there are those few, special tunes out there that you just do like, the ones whose lyrics just feel right or the ones whose melody and chords feel perfect. Some songs you listen to twice or thrice before you start liking them. Some songs you may even be forced to like just because others are constantly prodding you to give them a listen. And then of course they expect you to love them.

But some you just recognize immediately as favorites and I decided to share some of them…

Home – Phillip Phillips

I heard this song only yesterday. And believe me it was one of those songs I wanted to learn the lyrics to in 10 minutes. I’m definitely going to check out some of Phillips’ performances on Idol. Sorry to say, I didn’t watch a single episode of Season 11.

Dancing Crazy – Miranda Cosgrove

There wasn’t a video for this. So I chose the link with the best audio. Anyhoo – this was a song I fell in love with last summer. I think it’s safe to say this was also the first album I had bought that summer. And for some reason, I just absolutely loved it. It’s a simple, everyday, teeny-poppy song, but I thought it was great.

Look At Me Now (cover) – Karmin

A friend introduced me to this cover, and I listened to this before the original. I liked it better than the original, firstly because I’m not a huge fan of obscenities in songs and secondly because I genuinely liked the rap! And the beat. And the rhythm. Also, I love singing along to the chorus! 🙂

Popular – The Veronicas

I don’t even think I need to say anything for this song. Listened to nearly 3 years back. Still in love with it. It’s just so catchy. And I know a lot of people will think that most of the radio hits are hits because people love listening to this kind of music. Beats, electronic thingamijigs etc. But honestly – I’m listing these songs purely because they were great from the first note. I’m not a huge fan of listening blindly to whatever is on #1.

Mean – Taylor Swift

This was a song I liked because of the lyrics and the occasionally interesting music. I loved the entire album, actually. :O

Undo It – Carrie Underwood

This song I loved purely because of the twangy guitar and the challenge it posed when sung. I loved it so much I learnt to play it on the guitar. I’m not bad at it either! 😉

Outta My Head – Daughtry

One of the best songs I heard this summer. It could have been the rock, it could have been the guitars, it could have been Chris’ raspy vocals (that I love); I don’t know. It was a classic example of love at first chord.

Heartless (cover) – Kris Allen [Performed it on Idol]

I just know I will never, ever, ever [Yes. That was a reference.] forget this performance. It was one of the most memorable performances from Season 8.
The keyboard and Kris’ casual get-up and the way he sang… 🙂

Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert

It was definitely the beat in this one that did it. For me, the song flew.

Never Grow Up -Taylor Swift

This was a song I loved for its simplicity, its realism, its lyrics. Everlasting. I am still moved whenever I listen to it..

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