LOG ENTRY #17 – Why are the Clique Girlz nowhere to be seen?

Most of you may know know about the girl group, “Clique Girlz”. Or you may not. Which is exactly why I’ve been wondering for some time now – Where did the Clique Girls go? I’m not going to try to fool anyone by saying that I know a lot about their career or their record label or basically anything about them … except for their self-titled album

To be very honest, I just corrected a typo in the first line of this post, I had written “Girls” instead of “Girlz”. That says a lot about the amount of attention I paid to the album cover. But anyway, back to where I started from – I bought this album nearly 3-4 years back, and believe it or not, I’m still hooked to some of the songs. The only thing I like about this group is their music. Sure, it might be cliched and girly and bubblegum pop or whatever you call it, but I like it. It’s very simple sort of music. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus x2 and the end. Wanna-be electric guitars and so-called edgy lyrics and girls trying too hard to be cool yada yada ya.

The first time I checked this video out, I was just plain annoyed. I had started listening to their music when I wasn’t very internet-friendly and hadn’t really seen their videos. All these years later, when I finally remember to check them out – I’m disappointed. SO irritated. And now, I don’t know whether I want to listen to ‘Then I Woke Up’ again or not. I can understand why they didn’t stick around for too long, but not a peep out of them? That’s weird. I liked quite a few of their songs.’A Word For You’ was one that I really liked. ‘How do you like me so far’ and ‘Smile’ were two others. They’re good songs! A lot of people might disagree, and usually (with me) people do! That is because my playlists are not purely constituted of chart toppers and rap artists and dance music. I listen to many obscure artists and many obscure songs from well-known artists.

I think I heard from somewhere a long time ago, that the group went downhill after Ariel Moore left. Paris and Destinee (the other two blondies) apparently, weren’t enough to keep the band alive. Whatever the problems and hurdles, I still say they had a pretty good shot at the top if only their music had been a tiny bit more mature, or at least if their manner of singing had been a little more realistic and not so … happy. The Clique Girlz, I felt, had obscure songs, that never made it to the limelight. Maybe they might have had a longer life-span if they had. But then again, if they continued to tear their songs apart with videos like the one I posted above, they might have still ended up wherever they are now.

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