LOG ENTRY #16 – “Darn.That’s not good enough!”

For those of you who have read my “I Think I Made This Up” series (I’ve written 3 parts up till now) you might (or might not be) wondering where the 4th part is.

To be very honest, I don’t know either.

I’m not very good at story-writing. I fancy myself to be good enough at the various components of a story individually, (except for the plot bit) but when it comes to putting them all together – not so great.

So here’s the deal, Darcy is a character I made on the spur of a moment, not bothering with the details. I do that a lot. I don’t even know where she lives!

I imagined Darcy as being a city-girl. But since I’ve hardly lived in any of the cities I would like her to be in, I can’t really bring the realistic, relatable touch to my writing and her experiences as I have absolutely no idea about the where’s and the how’s. I could make up a world of my own – it’s an appealing idea – but then again…

Or I could magically bring Darcy over to my country. That would result in a lot of interesting writing and themes. But I still don’t have a plot.

How do you come up with good plots? That is one question that haunts me day and night, and yet (I guess) has no effect on me whatsoever, since I start writing whenever I feel like it and then eventually have to stop since the story is going nowhere. And that is the point I have reached with Darcy.

It’s a frustrating affair.

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