LOG ENTRY #12 – Homework Tunes

Instinctive and enjoyable; these are the tunes I listened to while working on the last few topics for my history assignment.

1. Good Time – Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen

Lyric videos are so cute! This was my first listen. I sort of really liked it!  Catchy and random… And I liked the smiling paper moon in the video. 🙂

2. Unbroken – Demi Lovato

Off of Demi Lovato’s new album with the same name, Unbroken. One of my favorite tracks off the album. I thought the album was trying a bit too hard though. 😦 Sad, because Lovato has an amazing voice. She is one of the best Disney ever found. Not that great of an actor though..

3. Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth

This cover has to be one of the best covers ever! Way to make a song like that interesting! The original by Gotye and Kimbra was so boring and … dead. These guys breathed some life into the song. 🙂

4. Miniature Disasters – KT Tunstall (Live)

Okay. This is an absolutely fantastic live performance. The way I judge good live performers, is by comparing their live performances with the studio recordings. They should be as close as possible. With most artists nowadays – not the case. I’ve been listening to this song for about 6-7 months now and I don’t I’ll ever get tired of the edgy guitaring. Check out more of KT Tunstall, especially tunes like “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”. “Silent Sea” is also a personal favorite. “Other Side of the World” is probably one most have heard. I had. But I didn’t know it was KT song.

5. Beggin’ On Your Knees – Victoria Justice ft. The Cast of Victorious

I was watching the Victorious episode that had this song in it a few days ago. I’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s just one more of those peppy, poppy, teen songs. And I love it. 😛

6. Wide Awake – Katy Perry

I’m not an avid Perry fan, but I’ll listen to anything as long as I like it. This was a really good song. I enjoyed singing along. 🙂 Though the video made no real sense. The lyric videos are always so much more fun to watch. And they don’t have weird, fruit manicures in them!

7. Off To The Races – Lana Del Ray

And finally! A Lana Del Ray song is played. Wonder what got into me, avoiding her so long. This was one of the first Lana Del Ray songs I heard. It was on the radio and I was hooked. I don’t even understand half the lyrics, and whatever I do understand creeps me out.  I just like the way she sings the chorus.

8. Eyes Open – Taylor Swift

Back to some simple Taylor Swift. This is my comfort music. I can listen to it all day long. Her story-telling is cliche`d  but let’s just leave the politics out of this. It’s a song and I like it. Alot.

9. Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert

Now this is one song that I can listen to any day, any time. Very catchy and upbeat, though I can’t make head or tail of the video.

10. This Love – Maroon 5

Believe it or not, this was the first time I gave this song a proper listen. I had always heard bits and pieces and loads of people fangirling over it. Now I can join the throng! 😀

And oh look! I’m almost done with my homework! Let me know what you listen to when you’re working (if you do)? Does it help?

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