LOG ENTRY #7 – I Think I Made This Up [Part 3]

Darcy didn’t have much planned for the day. She could just buy herself some spicy snacks and laze around in front of the TV.  But it was such a beautiful day, and it seemed like a shame to waste it.

After finishing her breakfast and chatting to Mabel, she decided to swing by the art supplies shop a few doors down. She was running low on olive green, and since she had been wanting to finish a painting she had been working on for a month now, she needed it.

The pavement was still wet from the rain, and the green belt running along the road looked bright and fresh. There were bunches of orange, yellow and white Irises peeping out from between the leaves, offering a stunning display.

Darcy paused and pulled out her phone. She snapped a picture of the flowers, captioned it and updated it on her Facebook account.

The shop was just around the corner. Darcy strolled in, checking something on her phone and then started looking around for the water colors. It wasn’t a very well-organized shop. There were two cramped aisles running down the shop and everything had been arranged haphazardly on the shelves. To find something, you needed assistance.  “Harry? You in here?” Darcy called out to no one in particular. There was a movement at the back of the shop and then a muffled reply: “Be with you in a minute!”

‘Harry’ appeared a few minutes later, wiping her paint-stained hands with a rag. She was dressed in old denim overalls that she had cut most of the length off, so now they looked more like frayed shorts from the waist below. She had put her short, light brown hair in a bun. She had straightened her bangs that morning, although her hair was naturally curly, so they looked pretty hanging over her forehead. The two had met up at  an art exhibition five years back and ever since Harry had moved closer to where Darcy lived, about five years back,  they had been inseparable.

“Some buckets fell over…” she explained, in answer to Darcy’s questioning look. Darcy shook her head slightly and smiled. She picked up a vial off a shelf and asked, “What does he have you doing today?”

“Clearing up the back room. You won’t believe all the stuff I found in there today.”

“What stuff?” Darcy asked, putting the vial back with a grimace.

“There were old Megadeath posters, unpaid bills, loads of paint buckets and even some  old paintings. One of them was this really cool abstract about Poseidon – I think. But whatever it was, it was fascinating. I’m thinking of asking him if I can have it.” Harry replied, “Anyway, what brings you here?”

“Paint. Or lack thereof. I was out of olive green water color.”

Harry went over to the front counter and slid onto it, deftly dropping down on the other side. She pulled out a box from somewhere and quickly picked out a small cake of olive green paint. “There you go.. anything else?” Darcy shook her head and paid.

“Why don’t you come over tonight? We could order food and watch that Star Wars marathon on TV!” Darcy proposed, carefully putting the cake into one of her bag’s pockets. Harry shrugged, “Sure. Could be fun… but do we have to watch Star Wars?! I mean – really?”

Darcy laughed and rolled her eyes, “Fine! Your choice. Bring a DVD along or something.” “Got it. I get off at 7.30 so I’ll be at your place roughly an hour after that.”

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