LOG ENTRY #3 – I Think I Made This Up

She didn’t know why she felt so ill. Turning around, she reached up to lock the door and the silver charm bracelet on her hand tinkled.  She was dressed in a neat black pencil skirt and black tights. An olive green blazer – custom made –  completed her look.

Brushing back her auburn curls, she made her way to the kitchen and rummaged through one of the drawers. Pulling out a thermometer, she went to her bedroom, pulled off her ballet flats and sank down on the bed. Sticking the device under her tongue, she prayed she wasn’t going to be stuck indoors for the weekend.

It had been an average day. Nothing interesting or thought-provoking had cropped up for her to write about and so she had sat idly in her cubicle all day, writing out her fantasies on Word documents. But even if something had turned up, she now doubted she would have been able to produce something of worth. She just wasn’t in the zone. The irritating intern in the cubicle opposite hers kept asking her questions (which didn’t deserve answering) and the air conditioner in her department had broken down.

Around lunch- break, she decided to take the rest of the day off. Her Boss was a nice guy and since she rarely asked for days-off, she reckoned she was off the hook.

As was the norm, her Boss was logged into Facebook. God knew how the magazine was such a huge success when the people in charge of it spent their working hours liking someecards. Rolling her eyes, she IM-ed him, asking if she could leave. No hassle there.

So, she packed up her laptop and stuffed the handful of her belongings into her beige  fringe hand bag. Nobody looked up from their monitors as she walked between the aisles, heading for the floor’s elevator. She couldn’t say she minded.

Downstairs, she hailed a taxi and gave him the directions for her apartment building. She could feel something welling up inside her, but she couldn’t pinpoint what, exactly.

And so, she found herself sprawled on her crimson bed cover, waiting for her thermometer to come up with an answer.



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