LOG ENTRY #2 – Why I loved Lemonade Mouth

Be Heard! Be Strong! Be Proud!

Yes, I know. It’s been a very long time since Disney aired their made-for-TV movie – Lemonade Mouth. But stuff kept cropping up, and somehow or other I never got to write about this movie.

Which is weird, considering one of the many reasons I started blogging – was this movie. Not that it inspired me or anything, Haha – no. -_-

But I found this movie so enjoyable, that I wanted to blog  about it.

And thus.

Anyway, when I first watched this movie, I had been super-busy and was rushing about doing things, when I suddenly remembered it was the premier date for the movie. I had already missed about 15 minutes of it, but what the heck.

I arrived upon the detention scene. And to my utmost surprise, I was hooked. It’s not common (or easy) to be hooked to a Disney made-for-TV movie nowadays, primarily because most of them revolve around the same old themes and storylines and after a while, it gets daunting,
Lemonade Mouth had themes similar to many movies, i.e. music, teen angst, rebellion, wanting to be heard etc..
I guess even the story wasn’t that unique. Or maybe it was. I don’t know.
There was something about the movie that just got me. I’ve noticed that in movies dating back maybe 10 years ago or 7 years ago, in movies where the final scenes involved some sort of showdown, the team/people about whom the movie is, usually won. But then lead characters’ winnings became predictable and slowly, gradually the main teams started losing. Like in Camp Rock 2, like in Spectacular, like in the GLEE regional episode…
And now, at this moment in time, even the losing has become predictable!

*reaching end of movie*
Random Person: dude, it’s the ending. I bet they’re gonna lose! Nobody wins.
Random Person’s friend: Yeah, they can’t make the leads win. The movie would be too predictable.
My point is, now the era of losing is predictable, hence a new strategy was needed. The film-makers kept making them lose, but now – the losing holds another message for the audience. There is more to life than winning or losing… blah blah blah.
Back to square one – Lemonade Mouth did just that. They didn’t win, and I especially liked the part where all of them were in super bad health conditions, and there were no miraculous recoveries right before the show. Everybody was sick, and they sounded sick. No cover-ups, no auto-tunings,. no nothing!
Apart from all the technical reasons why Lemonade Mouth was an absolute favorite of mine, the songs were super catchy and not cheesy!Till next time..

4 thoughts on “LOG ENTRY #2 – Why I loved Lemonade Mouth

  1. Well, first off, thanks were following my blog! I was exploring yours and I found this post… Lemonade Mouth was one of the few movies I liked. And like you said, it really wasn’t that great of a plot-line, but it made you feel something. (And the music. I still love the music XD). So awesome post!

    1. Hahaha you’re welcome, thank you for following mine. I haven’t even read this post of mine in a long, long time and I’m sure I’d cringe at it – but thank you anyway haha! Yesss still love the music!

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