LOG ENTRY #1 – When history yanks you off…

How does one stick to a schedule?

Heck, it’s so hard during normal days, that the concept of holiday schedules shouldn’t even exist. And yet, here I am in the last few weeks of my summer holidays, following my schedule that I made for myself, and writing the last dozen or so notes for my history teacher instead of reading a nice book!

It wants me to read it! 😦

She hasn’t had a single class with us, but I have a feeling half the students already hates her.  I mean, what kind of lady plonks down a 118 notes worth of homework on her future pupils?!

Anyway, so I’ve been doing that.  And as is very common for someone with low attention span, I logged onto WordPress and decided to sign up. I am a very orthodox person – sort of – and was very apprehensive about signing up here when I was happily blogging on my main blog at:


Why go through a change like that? But I guess I was in an adventurous mood so here I am! :O

I hope to be a regular blogger here and enjoy it as well [pleasee enjoy it. O.O]


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